Environment & CSR

This policy statement applies to all of the operations of Glassworks Hounsell Limited and sets out the minimum standards which we expect from employees in their internal and external dealings with colleagues, customers, stakeholders and third parties.

Standards of Conduct:

  • We will conduct every aspect of our business with honesty, integrity and openness, respecting human rights and the interests of our employees, customers and third parties.
  • We will respect the legitimate interests of third parties with whom we have dealings in the course of our business.
  • We will maintain the highest standards of integrity – for example, we will not promise more than we can reasonably deliver or make commitments

We will act in a socially and environmentally responsible manner and promote sustainable development where possible. We believe these principles are integral to our business, employees, customers and the areas we work in.

Environmental Policy

Glassworks Hounsell Limited recognises the need to operate the business in a matter which reflects good environmental management. The company is aware of the environmental impacts of its operations and will balance its business aims with the need to protect the local and global environment.

Our Environmental Policy shall earn the confidence of employees, customers and the general public by demonstrating our commitment to comply with all relevant environmental legislation and minimise pollution, resource use and waste, where feasible, through the continual improvement of performance in all areas of the company’s activities.

The Company have demonstrated a commitment to identify all activities that have the potential to cause an environmental impact, as well as providing adequate resources to help minimise or prevent any negative impact.
In order to achieve this commitment, we will:

  • Act accordingly in regards to sustainable packing and packaging materials for our goods.
  • Act accordingly in regards to unnecessary use of paper and printing.
  • Operate green energy where applicable. The company has installed Biomass heating (2 x KP 525 heaters and 1 x KP 225 heater)  for the 2 factories and since July 2015 has operated 8 arrays of solar panels with 168 micro-inverters.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels installed in July 2015 – 8 Arrays with 188 Microinverters

Energy Saving Statistics

 Driving a lap at the Monaco Grand PrixPlanting a treeLighting the Eiffel Tower

The Monaco Grand Prix is 78 laps for 161.87 miles (260.5km). A formula one car averages 3.1 mpg. According to the EPA, 1 mpg is equivalent to 33.7 kilowatt-hours, which is about 22.56 kilowatt-hours per 2 mile lap.

Driving a lap at the Monaco Grand Prix uses the equivalent of 22.5 kWh of energy.

According to the EPA, 2 Kilowatt-hour of clean energy production offsets 0.00070555 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2). A tree offsets approximately 0.039 metric tons of CO2 over a 10 year period

Planting a tree offsets the same amount of CO2 as 55.3 kilowatt-hours of clean energy production.

Over the course of a year, the average length of a Paris night is 12 hours. The lighting of the Eiffel Tower is achieved by 336 600-watt projectors which illuminate the structure continuously from within and 20,000 6-watt lights which sparkle on and off for 5 minutes every hour throughout the night. That's an average nightly total of 2,429,000 watt-hours.

Lighting the Eiffel Tower for one hour uses 202.43 kilowatt-hours of energy.
MonthLapsTreesEiffel Lights
Total to date1855.3754.9206.1

Total Kw Saved


Total Trees Saved




Biomass Heaters

1. Automatic boiler for wood pellets KP 22S – GN Flexo

Boiler KP 22S with an output from 8,6 kW to 29 kW.

2. Automatic pellet boiler KP 52S –  GWH factory x2

Boiler KP 52S with an output of 49,2 kW.

Fuel: Both boilers are intended for combustion of wood pellets of a diameter of 6 mm and 8 mm.

Total trees saved per month through Solar Panels

  • Jan - 796
  • Feb - 1498
  • Mar - 2954
  • Apr - 4796

Total KWHs saved per month through Solar Panels

  • Jan - 796
  • Feb - 1498
  • Mar - 2954
  • Apr - 4796

Total Trees saved per month through Biomass Heaters

  • Jan - 796
  • Feb - 1498
  • Mar - 2954
  • Apr - 4796

Total KWHs saved per month through Biomass Heaters

  • Jan - 796
  • Feb - 1498
  • Mar - 2954
  • Apr - 4796

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