Charging Systems

Even distribution of the raw material is essential and Glassworks understands this and offers a…

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Connector Systems

As long standing suppliers of Tin Oxide we have a wealth of knowledge and experience…

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Tin Oxide Blocks

Stannex Tin Oxide blocks are available in our 4 standard materials (D, E, E-LR and…

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Tin Oxide Rods

Stannex Tin Oxide Rods are available in our 4 standard materials (D, E, E-LR and…

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Tin Oxide Electrodes & Connector Systems

Glassworks first supplied Stannex Electrodes to the glass industry in 1969. Since then their furnance applications have been numerous and very varied and as such considerable amount of operational data has been collected.

Electrically melted glasses have to be, by definition, of the highest possible quality. Four grades of Stannex with different additives are produced in order to match the characteristics of the melted glass and the connector requirements.

All electrodes are made from pure tin oxide and are isostatically pressed and sintered. No recycled or reclaimed material is used. Tin Oxide is often the preferred choice over molybdenum, due either to colouration, redox or much lower current density which does not cause re-boil in feeders, for example.

Every electrode is individually made, numbered, tested and approved before despatch. QC Data is recorded and sent to the customer.
Glassworks design and manufacture connector systems allowing the customer to buy a complete “package” deal.

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Glass Types

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Sizes Available

Electrode length: Up to 650mm (longer if joined – rods only).

Rod diameter: 10 – 200mm (diameter dictates maximum length).

Block X-Section: Preferred: 100 x 100mm, 100 x 150mm
Also available: 100 x 107 mm, 100 x 116mm, 150 x 150mm, 50 x 100mm.

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